Marina Lucas

Marina Lucas
Why you chose your career and joined your current company?

I came into insurance by chance. Like most university students nearing their graduation I was applying for all kinds of jobs. I knew I wanted to do something law related, so when I saw a graduate compliance position advertised at QBE I leapt on it. It was a big change from my previous job, but I’m so glad I made the move. Compliance is such an important role that touches all areas of the Insurance industry. I’ve grown a lot since joining QBE, and I’m proud to be part of a team that serves both the company and the consumer.

How long with the firm?

Nearly 15 months now.

What do you want to get out of the grant?

I am most excited to learn from the experts! Being in a risk-oriented position, I am always keen to learn about the new opportunities and challenges facing the industry. This grant will provide a fantastic opportunity to meet with people who work in all kinds of roles in insurance. Through exposure to different views and perspectives, I am keen to bring back to my compliance role a more nuanced understanding of how insurers can help people.

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