Adelle Fernando

Adelle Fernando
Why you chose your career and joined your current Company?

I chose this career as I enjoy both the analytical and investigation side of the job as well as the people side of it, dealing with a variety of customers and clients.

In the Crawford Forensic Accounting Services team, every day is different and you are always working to resolve different types of problems. I joined Crawford in the hopes of contributing towards its purpose of being able to help people and making a difference to those who are having the worst thing happen to their business and restore their business to a position they were at before the event.

How long with the firm?

Started with Crawford in June 2022, approximately 1 year and 2 months.

What do you want to get out of the Grant?

As someone starting out in the insurance industry, I am looking to build strong professional networks and connections with different women in different sectors in the industry. Being exposed to the WII’s networking initiatives which would allow me to improve my self-confidence and professional growth.

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